Today, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, 15th District Councilmember Jose Buscaino and the Port of Los Angeles announced plans for a $100-million renovation of the Ports O' Call Village.  The approximately 30-acre development, to be known as the San Pedro Public Market, will include stores, restaurants and open space to improve public access to the city's waterfront.

The first phase of the project, to be developed by the Ratkovich Company, will feature 16 acres of shops, eateries, markets and boutique office space.  Plans also call for significant open space amenities, including a half-mile waterfront promenade and an open-air amphiteather.

Buscaino recently announced that the popular Waterfront Red Car Line, recently discontinued, would be revived as part of the development.

Completion of the San Pedro Public Market is expected by 2020.

It may occur concurrently with a number of other developments which the city is exploring along the waterfront.