Los Angeles-based real estate firm Jade Enterprises is looking to redevelop a series of small commercial buildings in Pasadena with multifamily housing and retail, according to a staff report to the City's Design Commission.

The project, which is scheduled for review at the Commission's December 8 meeting, would rise from a roughly 2.33-acre property along the south side of Green Street between Oak Knoll and Hudson Avenues.  Plans call for the construction of two buildings featuring 263 studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartments - including 41 affordable units - above 16,234 square feet of street-fronting commercial space and underground parking for 446 vehicles.

MVE + Partners is designing the proposed development, which is described in a staff report has having a "restrained contemporary style," with a plaster exterior, metal grillwork, and projecting sunshades, balconies, and fins.

The two buildings - ranging from three to five stories in height - would be separated by a linear courtyard cutting east-to-west through the project site, which would open onto a pool deck.  Other proposed amenities include a business center, a gym, and a series of roof decks.

At the southwest corner of the development site, developer Jade Enterprises has agreed to set aside approximately 10,500 square feet of space for a new public pocket park.  The open space is to be designed at a later date after a community outreach period.

According to an initial study recently published by the City of Pasadena, construction of the proposed apartment complex is expected to occur over a roughly 34-month period between May 2023 and December 2025.  Occupancy would follow in early 2026.

In addition to the Green Street development, Jade Enterprises is also pursuing new housing and mixed-use projects at several sites in Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Marina del Rey