A large vacant lot located just north of Long Beach Airport could be developed with office condominiums, per a presentation scheduled for the March 3 meeting of the Long Beach Planning Commission.

View from Corner of Cover St & Stineman Ave. DRA Architects

The proposed project, named Airway, is being led by Urbana Development, Plans call for the construction of two low-rise buildings at 3810 and 3816 Stineman Avenue, creating approximately 58,000 square feet of offices flanked by surface parking for 230 vehicles. The new offices would be subdivided into 14 spaces and sold separately.

Irvine-based DRA Architects and Ridge Landscape Architects are designing Airway, which is depicted in renderings as a pair of contemporary two-story structures centered on a landscaped central courtyard.

A staff report recommends that the Planning Commission should approve entitlements for Airway and determine that the project falls within the scope of an earlier environmental impact report.

Court Yard View DRA Architects

The project site, which spans roughly 160,000 square feet to the east of the Lakewood Country Club Golf Course, is one small component of a former McDonnel-Douglas aircraft manufacturing facility.  The roughly 238-acre district has been rebranded as Douglas Park, and rezoned to accommodate the development of 3.3 million square feet of offices, retail, industrial uses, and other businesses focused on aviation.

Airway would rise on the opposite side of Long Beach Airport from a former Boeing C-17 manufacturing plant, where Relativity Space is opening a 1 million square foot headquarters facility.