A concrete flood channel next-door to the Whizen Market Square shopping center could be a new opportunity for park space, according to an initial study published earlier this year by the City of Agoura Hills.

Rendering of mall entrance looking westCity of Agoura Hills

The proposed project, planned at the northeast corner of Agoura and Cornell Roads, calls for capping a roughly 600-foot-long section of Palo Comado Creek to create new public open space.  The property, which is owned and managed by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, is currently unimproved outside of the concrete lining the channel.

The proposed 1.3-acre linear park would include native landscaping, a botanical walk, a butterfly garden, picnic benches, and children's play equipment among other amenities.  Plans also call for equestrian and pedestrian trails that will connect to the Rim of the Valley trailhead located to the east along Agoura Road.

Due to the property's flood control functions, the park would also include access points to the channel below as well as a stormwater treatment infrastructure.

Site plan for Palo Comado Creek Linear ParkCity of Agoura Hills

The project, according to the initial study, is intended to provide green space for residents of Agoura Hills located south of the US-101 freeway - a section of the city where there are currently no public parks.  Existing open spaces north of the freeway are difficult to access without an automobile.

According to a public presentation given in 2019, the estimated cost of the linear park ranges between $10 million and $15 million, while the cost of the water treatment equipment ranges from $7 million to $8 million.

Proposed location of Palo Comado Creek Linear ParkCity of Agoura Hills