Citing an inability to reopen in the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amoeba Music has announced that it will close its original Hollywood location and turn its focus toward opening a new store on the Walk of Fame.

"This is heartbreaking for us. We never envisioned not being able to give the store the send-off it deserves, to give you all a chance to say goodbye," reads an announcement posted to Amoeba Music website.

The store's owners noted that although local and state officials are now laying the groundwork for restarting California's economy in the wake of the pandemic, music stores are unlikely to be among the first wave of retail establishments to reopen during the summer.  Additionally, the normal throngs of visitors to the store combined with Amoeba's staff of more than 200 people would make pose challenges for social distancing requirements.

Instead, Amoeba will focus its efforts on opening its new store at the ground-floor of the El Centro apartment complex at Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle Avenue - two blocks north of its current home.  The move to the new location is expected to occur in the Fall.

Amoeba's current store, located at 6400 Sunset Boulevard, was sold to developer GPI Companies in 2015.  The eye-catching building's days are likely numbered, as the City of Los Angeles has already approved plans to redevelop the site with a 28-story apartment tower.

With the proceeds of the building already gone, Amoeba has launched a GoFundMe to support the business until the end of the crisis.