Premier League, Inc. - a local developer best known for a slew of British-themed apartment buildings in Sawtelle - has now turned its sights to Palms.

Yesterday, the Westwood-based firm submitted plans to construct a mixed-use development at 3764-3766 S. Motor Avenue. The project, which would replace two small apartment buildings containing five dwelling units, calls for the construction of a six-story edifice featuring 36 residences above 458 square feet of ground-floor commercial space and basement parking for 27 vehicles.

Entitlements are being south with Transit Oriented Communities incentives, meaning that a portion of the apartments will be set aside as subsidized affordable housing.

Additional details are not clear based on the project's case filing.

With proximity to both the Expo Line and Downtown Culver City, several developers have recently tried their hand at mixed-use projects on Palms' commercial boulevards - including Motor and Overland Avenues.  Motor has entitlement applications several developments with 50 or fewer units, while projects along Overland have tended to be larger - some calling for nearly 200 apartments.