Four single-family homes near Metro's Expo/Sepulveda Station could make way for a multifamily residential development, according to plans submitted yesterday to the City of Los Angeles.

The project site, located at 2600-2616 Sepulveda Boulevard, is slated for the construction of a multi-story building featuring 43 apartments - including five extremely low-income affordable units.

Requested entitlements for the project include Tier III Transit Oriented Communities incentives - specifically a height increase and reductions to open space and setback requirements.  The property's base zoning would allow for a three-story, 45-foot-tall building, but the provision of affordable housing would permit for one additional floor.

Darius Khakshouri, listed as the project applicant, is also behind plans for a six-story, 24-unit development just off of Sawtelle Boulevard.

The 2600 Sepulveda development is dwarfed in size by the 595-unit Linea development, which is now being built at the site of former cement plant adjacent to the Metro station.