According to an agenda item from the March 18th meeting of Metro's Planning and Programming Committee, the transportation agency is continuing to explore the possibility of extending Red and Purple Line service east from Union Station to the booming Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

The proposed infill stations, first reported by the Downtown News, would be built near First and Sixth Streets using existing tracks within Metro's Division 20 maintenance yard.  Both sites would offer close proximity to a variety of Arts District destinations, including the Southern California Institute of Architecture and the new Sixth Street Viaduct.

Construction of the proposed stations could be facilitated by a series of upgrades which are planned for the maintenance yard.  To ensure high frequency service on the Purple Line's Westwood extension, Metro intends to build a new turn-back facility within the Division 20 yard.  The turn-back facility, consisting of three tracks and two platforms, could be converted to an at-grade revenue station at relatively low cost.  One Santa Fe, an adjacent residential-retail complex, is built to allow for a pedestrian bridge which could connect to the proposed station.

Service could then extend to Sixth Street via an existing rail spur within the maintenance yard.  The memo also hints at the possibility of future extensions south beyond the Arts District.

An exact timeline and funding source for the proposed infill stations have not been identified at this point in time.  Metro is scheduled to complete a coordination study later this Spring which will provide further recommendations for the project.