A nondescript office park in the West San Fernando Valley is slated to give way for a skyline-altering development.

Earlier this week, plans were filed with the City of Los Angeles for a large mixed-use complex at 5955 North De Soto Avenue in Warner Center.  The 2.9-acre property, listed amongst the portfolio of Majestic Asset Management, would birth a multi-phase development consisting of apartments, commercial office space and pedestrian-oriented stores and restaurants.

The first component of the project calls for the construction of a seven-story apartment building, featuring 170 residential units and approximately 5,700 square feet of ground-floor commercial space.  The low-rise structure would also include 13 live-work units and parking accommodations for up to 258 vehicles and 176 bicycles.

Following completion of the proposed residential complex, Majestic would follow with the project's centerpiece: a high-rise office building.  The 19-story tower would include 166,000 square feet of commercial office space, supplemented by parking for as many as 490 vehicles and 212 bicycles.  This component of the project would also feature approximately 9,900 square feet of ground-level retail and restaurant uses.

The proposed development is strongly informed by the Warner Center 2035 plan, which seeks to reinvent the auto-dominated commercial center as a mixed-use neighborhood oriented around walking and public transportation.  Numerous other projects which subscribe to this vision are currently in predevelopment throughout Warner Center, including proposed mixed-use complexes at the former headquarters of the Los Angeles Daily News and an industrial facility once operated by Rocketdyne.