Construction is set to begin in December 2024 for an $85-million project which will bring new active transportation infrastructure and green space to two of South L.A.'s most important corridors, according to a report Department of Public Works.

S Broadway - Mid & South Section - Protected bike lane, merged medians, pedestrian refuge islands, curb extensions, pedestrian lighting, street trees, as well as proposed recreational and cultural spaces and art pieces to highlight the African American and Latino communities.City of Los Angeles

The Broadway-Manchester Active Transportation Project, first proposed in 2015, would impact roughly 2.8 miles of city streets, including Manchester Avenue between Vermont Avenue and South Broadway, and South Broadway between Manchester Avenue and Imperial Highway. Plans call for:

  • a separated 4-mile Class IV cycle track;
  • sidewalk and crossing improvements;
  • park improvements;
  • pedestrian lighting;
  • street trees;
  • pedestrian/bicyclist amenities.

Additionally, using Measure W funds, the project will incorporate stormwater capture infrastructure which would be used to irrigate the new landscaping.

Broadway Our Way - Community members shared their ideas for programming the underutilized medians along South Broadway. This potential aspect of the Broadway South project would widen the existing medians to create a green linear park space with pedestrian paths punctuated with cultural and recreational amenities.City of Los Angeles

Construction is expected to occur in phases over a period of two years, with final completion to occur in late 2026.

Broadway's makeover will not be limited to landscaping and active transportation infrastructure. Metro recently secured a $139 million federal grant to implement transportation projects in advance of the 2028 Summer Olympics. A large chunk of that will go toward installing bus-only lanes along a roughly 10-mile stretch of Broadway between Chinatown and South L.A.

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