A nearly decade-old plan to remake the namesake corridors of the Broadway-Manchester neighborhood is showing signs of life.

Broadway Our Way - Community members shared their ideas for programming the underutilized medians along South Broadway. This potential aspect of the Broadway South project would widen the existing medians to create a green linear park space with pedestrian paths punctuated with cultural and recreational amenities.City of Los Angeles

This month, a notice of exemption issued by the California Natural Resources Agency and City of Los Angeles provided environmental clearance for the Broadway-Manchester Active Transportation Equity Project, which was first proposed in 2015. The project, as currently envisioned, would include impact 2.8-mile segments of Broadway and Manchester Avenue.

The proposed range of improvements, per the notice, would include:

  • a separated 4-mile Class IV cycle track;
  • sidewalk and crossing improvements;
  • park improvements;
  • pedestrian lighting;
  • street trees; and
  • pedestrian/bicyclist amenities.

S Broadway - Mid & South Section - Protected bike lane, merged medians, pedestrian refuge islands, curb extensions, pedestrian lighting, street trees, as well as proposed recreational and cultural spaces and art pieces to highlight the African American and Latino communities.City of Los Angeles

When we last heard from the project in 2019, 8th District City Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson announced that the project was set to receive $46 million in funding through the Southern California Association of Government's Active Transportation Program. At the time, it was expected that 480 trees would be planted along Broadway and Manchester as a result of the effort.

The 2019 announcement noted that both Broadway and Manchester are both priority corridors in the City of Los Angeles' High Injury Network - meaning the six percent of city streets which account for 70 percent of traffic-related deaths and injuries.

Per a story map, construction of the improvements is expected to occur incrementally between 2023 and 2026. See more here.

Broadway-Manchester - New bioswales, stormwater capture and reuse for irrigation, and landscaped bike buffers along BroadwayCity of Los Angeles

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