Developer Bonnis Properties plans to begin renovating Broadway's Merritt Building as office space within the next month, reports the Downtown News.

The Canadian real estate firm purchased the nine-story edifice at 8th and Broadway last year for $24 million, and at the time did not put forth specific stands for the property.  The upper floors of the building, which was originally developed in 1915 by railroad magnate Hulett C. Merritt, has been empty on its upper floors since the 1980s.

Bonnis' renovations would activate approximately 50,000 square feet of rentable space on the upper levels, featuring floor plates between 6,500 and 7,000 square feet.  Existing commercial space on its ground floor would be joined with additional square footage on basement and mezzanine levels.

For a detailed look inside the building, check out this tour from architectural photographer Hunter Kerhart.

Bonnis Properties also owns the nearby Foreman & Clark Building on 7th Street, which is being converted into apartments.