An initial study published by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning offers updated information for College Station, developer Atlas Capital Group's proposed mixed-use complex in Chinatown.

The proposed development, located at the intersection of Spring and College Streets, would replace a vacant five-acre property which abuts both the Gold Line's Chinatown Station and the 32-acre Los Angeles State Historic Park.  Plans call for a low-rise complex featuring 770 apartments above approximately 51,000 square feet of ground-level commercial space and parking accommodations for 1,179 vehicles and 899 bicycles.  The project would also include a number of residential amenities, including a community room, a fitness center and a large central courtyard with lawn areas, outdoor seating and a pool deck.

College Station, designed by the architecture firm Johnson Fain, would consist of a two-story podium structure seated beneath six five-story residential buildings.  The lower levels of the building would be pedestrian-oriented, featuring commercial space and landscaped plazas at main entryways.  The upper floors would be designed to evoke an industrial style, using modulated facades with metal panels, horizontal windows, offsetting balconies and offset balconies.

Pending approvals from the City of Los Angeles, construction of the project is expected to occur over multiple overlapping phases beginning in 2017.  A full buildout is expected to be complete by 2020.

The project follows Blossom Plaza, a similar mixed-use development that was recently completed on a property adjacent to Chinatown Station.