In the coming years, an update to the Central City Community Plan will open up parts of Downtown Los Angeles to development that have thus far been untouched by its most recent waves of construction.  Before that happens, the City of Los Angeles is looking to secure at least one property for community green space.

According to a report to the Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners, the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks is considering acquiring a property in the South Park community for the creation of open space or park development.  The 1.45-acre site - bounded by Broadway, Hill, 14th, and 15th Streets - is currently improved with two buildings that were until recently used as offices for the State of California.

The Department has requested authorization to further explore the feasibility of acquiring the site to reuse it as park space - including an appraisal of its estimated value.

Currently, just over 4,100 residents live in the immediate area surrounding the proposed park site, with approximately 2,700 living within a half-mile of the property.  This is likely to change in the years to come, as the update of the Central City Community Plan could significantly increase the zoning and buildable potential of the portion of Downtown located south of Pico Boulevard.

Some investors have already started looking south of Pico, including Jade Enterprises, which has received approvals to construct 154 apartments across the street from the proposed park site.

Though it is not a city park, construction is underway for privately-owned green space not far from the property at 1405 Broadway.  Mack Real Estate Group will soon open a half-acre pocket park at the foot of the 38-story Aven apartment tower at 1201 S. Grand Avenue.