Yesterday, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission voted to reject an appeal of a proposed multifamily residential development in the Larchmont area.

The project, which would rise at 5058 Maplewood Avenue, calls for replacing a single-family dwelling with a five-story, 13-unit apartment building featuring one unit of very low-income affordable housing and nine parking spaces.

Renderings depict a contemporary low-rise structure designed by the local architecture firm HRD Arch Inc.

Project applicant Frank Ota faced an appeal from homeowners in a neighboring condo building, who voiced several objections, including that the proposed apartment complex would reduce their property values if built.  In public comment, one resident of the building stated that the project applicant has failed to maintain the property - which has visibly overgrown landscaping - and has refused to speak with the neighboring homeowners.   

Though the appeal was rejected, Commissioners admonished the project applicant - who did not attend the hearing - for neglecting to engage in community outreach and neglecting the property.

The development site is located across the street from a five-story, 88-unit apartment complex now being built by Frost/Chaddock.