Approximately 10 months after breaking ground, the City of Los Angele is moving to the next phase in the construction of a new L.A. River bridge connecting Frogtown with the Taylor Yard.

According to a notice distributed by the Bureau of Engineering, construction is scheduled to resume on April 15 within the river channel for the bridge's central footing, pier wall, and steel-framed structure.  Work will continue through October 15. 

On the river's north bank, adjacent to the Taylor Yard, construction is scheduled to begin in May for a new bike and pedestrian ramp connecting the bridge with the Taylor Yard park.  A new dirt ramp will also be constructed along the channel slope to provide access into the river.

Construction is ongoing along the south bank of the river for new pedestrian and bicycle ramps connecting to the existing River Greenway trail.

The $20.6-million project, slated for completion in 2021, will span 400 yards linking the Frogtown community with the Taylor Yard's G2 Park and the Taylor Yard Transit Village.

SPF:architects designed the bridge, which will be painted in bright orange.

The City of Los Angeles recently built two additional river crossings in the Atwater Village community.