Citing the success of a pilot dockless bike share system in Wilmington, Los Angeles City Councilmember Joe Buscaino is looking to augment the neighborhood's cycling infrastructure.

In a motion introduced yesterday, Buscaino has called for a report of potential locations in Council District 15 for a cycle track loop to bridge Wilmington's four main hubs: Machado Lake, Harbor College, Avalon Boulevard, and the Wilmington Waterfront.  The proposed study would search for a route that "optimizes connectivity, ridership, liveability, safety, and local economic vitality," and comes as both the Wilmington Waterfront, Machado Lake, and Harbor Regional Park undergo improvements.

Buscaino expects an increased ridership in the area, noting that a dockless bike share pilot program in the neighborhood logged over 5,000 riders in its first month, with over 40,000 miles ridden to date.

The motion also points to a recent study that found that property values are higher in urban areas located within one mile of bicycle infrastructure.

It has been referred to the City Council's Transportation Committee, which must approve the item before consideration by the full Council.