Affordable housing developments planned in two unincorporated communities are inching forward, after a vote taken today by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

The Supervisors have moved to authorize the County's Chief Executive Officer to apply for up to $60 million in grant funding from the California Strategic Growth Council and the California Department of Housing and Community Development to finance the construction of approximately 189 affordable homes in East Los Angeles and Willowbrook.

The first project, called 3rd & Dangler, is named for its location at the intersection of 3rd Street and Dangler Avenue - adjacent to the Gold Line.  National CORE, which was granted development rights to the property in September 2019, proposed to construct a four-story featuring 78 apartments for low-income and homeless persons, in addition to a fitness room, a courtyard, a rooftop deck, and parking for 39 vehicles.

The County will apply for up to $30 million in state funding - including a $10-million grant and a $20-million loan.

The second project, called the Compton Creekside Village, would rise from another vacant site at 11664 Compton Avenue in Willowbrook.  Integral Development has proposed the construction of a multi-story building featuring 111 units of affordable housing.

As with the 3rd & Dangler project, the County will apply for approximately $30 million in state funding for the Compton Creekside Village - split between a $20-million loan and a $10-million grant.

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