Although Culver City has capitalized on its nearly five-year-old Expo Line Station with a series of commercial developments on adjacent properties, the elevated Metro stop remains isolated from the city's commercial core nearly a half-mile west.  While a long-term solution may call for a continous build-out of pedestrian-oriented development down Washington Boulevard, Culver City is looking to temporarily bridge the gap by adding a new bicycle connection between its Downtown and the station area.

This past weekend, Culver City held a public workshop regarding a proposed protected bike lane along Washington between Wesley Street and Ince Boulevard.  These types of bike lanes are segregated from automobile traffic through the use of a physical barrier, such as a curb, parked cars or bollards.

The concept has already been successfully implemented at several locations across Los Angeles County, including the San Fernando Valley, Downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach.

In Culver City, the proposed lanes would link a bustling stretch of Culver Boulevard with Helms District.  Both neighborhoods are currently witnessing an influx of new apartments, offices, shops and restaurants.

The project, if built, would likely require the reconfiguration of curbside parking, turn lanes and traffic signals along Washington Boulevard.

Public comments thus far have been generally supportive of the proposed bike lanes.