After nearly three years of work, the wrapping has come off at the intersection of 8th Street and Broadway, revealing the restored facade of the 106-year-old Merritt Building.


The nine-story edifice, built in 1915 by railroad magnate Hulett C. Merritt, is being renovated by Vancouver-based real estate investment firm Bonnis Properties to serve as offices for rent.  Plans call for retaining 6,000 square feet of existing ground-floor retail, while refurbishing the building's long-vacant upper levels as 40,000 square feet of offices for rent.

Although the restoration effort has focused on returning the Merritt Building to its original appearance - specifically its exterior columns and white marble finish - the project also includes several additions to the history structure.  OKB Architecture has provided design services for the development, which will convert unused rooftop space into an amenity deck, while also adding a gym and a lounge to the property.

The Merritt Building joins several other historic structures near the intersection of 8th and Broadway which are also in the midst of a restoration, including the Tower Theatre - which is being transformed into an Apple Store - and the Garland - which will contain offices for rent.

One of the largest buildings in Downtown Los Angeles - the Broadway Trade Center - is also slated for reuse as a hotel, offices, and retail, although that effort has stalled as co-owners Waterbridge Capital and Continental Equities seek a buyer for the vacant department store.

Bonnis Properties, which acquired the Merritt Building in 2016 for approximately $24 million, is also planning to convert the historic Foreman & Clark Building, located at the intersection of 7th and Hill Streets into rental housing or a hotel.