The company behind a proposal to build a gondola system connecting Union Station and Dodger Stadium has settled on a route for the project.

Proposed route of the Union Station - Dodger Stadium gondolaAerial Rapid Transit Technologies

Yesterday, Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit (LA ART) announced that it will pursue the "Broadway Alignment" for the one-mile system, which calls for which would run along north on Alameda Street until veering slightly east along the perimeter of Los Angeles State Historic Park.  The alignment would then turn at Bishops Road in Chinatown towards Dodger Stadium.

The revised plan unveiled yesterday would include a new intermediate stop adjacent to the L Line's Chinatown Station, which sits at the intersection of Spring and College Streets.    The design is described as featuring a barrel vault form roof that would provide shade and shelter from the elements, while reflecting the culture of the surrounding Chinatown neighborhood.

Rendering of the gondola stop at Chinatown StationAerial Rapid Transit Technologies

The proposed station would also be accompanied by public art and upgrades to Los Angeles State Historic Park's concession and restroom facilities.  Additionally, LA ART would contribute funds toward the construction of a pedestrian bridge which would connect the park with North Broadway to the west.

LA ART has dropped consideration of a second alternative, which would run primarily on Spring Street and required the gondola to cut directly through the park.

Rendering of the gondola stop at Union StationAerial Rapid Transit Technologies

Project proponents have previously estimated that the gondola system could move as many as 5,500 passengers per hour in each direction, allowing up to 10,000 people to access the stadium in the two hours preceding the start of an event or game.  The roughly one-mile end-to-end trip would take approximately seven minutes, with fares expected to cost less than Dodger Stadium parking.

Following the completion of the project's environmental review period, construction is expected to occur over a roughly two year period, potentially beginning in 2025.

Rendering of the gondola stop at Dodger StadiumAerial Rapid Transit Technologies

In June, LA ART has scheduled two community meetings to provide updates on the project.  For more information on the project, see Metro’s website at or the official project website at

Should you wish to visit Dodger Stadium without an automobile prior to the arrival of the gondola system, Metro's Dodger Stadium Express operates from Union Station and the Harbor Gateway Transit Center on game days.