A landscaped setback along the perimeter of the Big Blue Bus maintenance facility in Downtown Santa Monica could be transformed into a linear park.

Dog park at proposed linear park on 7th StreetSWA Group

The proposed changes, per a presentation given earlier this month to the city's Architectural Review Board, would impact the west side of 7th Street between Colorado Avenue and Olympic Boulevard.  Despite spanning a full city block, the narrow dimensions of the site mean that the affected area is less than 7,000 square feet in total.

SWA Group is designing the project, which would add a new picnic area with landscaping and seating at the corner of 7th and Colorado, the portion of the site which is closest to the apartment buildings, hotels, and offices of Downtown Santa Monica.  To the south toward Olympic Boulevard, plans call for a series of gated areas for dogs, each of which would feature exercise equipment for the animals while retaining existing street trees.

The project would also bring changes to a small fueling station at the southwest corner of the Big Blue Bus facility.

Site plan for proposed linear park on 7th StreetSWA Group

A staff report recommended approval of the plan as part of the Board's consent calendar.