In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has signed an executive order temporarily banning Ellis Act evictions citywide.

The order, which was signed on March 23, states that residential tenants in the City of Los Angeles may not be evicted during the local emergency period if the eviction is a "no-fault eviction," or any member of the household is ill or under quarantine.  Additionally, the order blocks Ellis Act evictions for 60 days after its expiration date - stated as April 19.

The City of Los Angeles had already taken steps to block the eviction of residential and commercial tenants during the local state of emergency in orders issued on March 15 and 17.  However, tenants were previously required prove an inability to pay rent due to circumstances related to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Ellis Act, a state law which allows property owners to evict tenants when they choose to leave the rental market business, has long been opposed by tenants rights activists, who argue that the process is frequently abused.

Concurrently, Garcetti issued an order permitting restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages with take-out orders through April 19.  Parking enforcement has also been relaxed for vehicles owned an operated by employers or employees engaged in manufacturing or healthcare activities during the same time period.

These actions come as confirmed cases of Coronavirus continue to rise in Los Angeles County.  As of March 23, there have been 662 cases and 11 deaths in the County.