I was surprised to find that signs are still up for the Entrada, a 13 story Gensler designed office tower intended for a Culver City parking lot near Playa Vista.  The 220 foot tall/340,000 square foot proposal from Centinela Development Partners first emerged in 2008, but has yet to show any physical signs of progress.  The development was met by stiff opposition from neighbors in Culver City and Westchester, citing concerns about blocked views and increased traffic congestion.

Check out some images of the proposal pulled from the project's website:

My guess is that the Entrada is several years away from groundbreaking, if it ever comes to fruition.  LA Business Journal reported that Playa Vista's office vacancy rate was close to 60% this past June, so conditions aren't exactly ripe for new construction.  Not all hope is lost, though.  Playa Vista has recently benefited from overflowing office demand in Venice and Santa Monica.  As "Silicon Beach," spreads further south, perhaps market conditions will improve enough to allow for new construction.  Maybe the long stalled Howard Hughes Center expansion could finally get underway.

In the very long term future (as in decades from now), this location would be well served by the proposed Sepulveda Metro Rail line.