Just east of the 405 Freeway in Long Beach, construction is coming to a close at a new office building that will house part of Laserfiche's expanded headquarters.

View of the new Laserfiche building looking northwest from Long Beach BoulevardUrbanize LA

Located at 3443 Long Beach Boulevard, the project from Urbana Development consists of a four-story, 100,000-square-foot office building and a new parking garage with capacity for 343 vehicles.

Studio One Eleven designed the building, which includes Mid-Century Modern elements such as large windows and terrace decks that provide natural lighting. The interior of the building includes large, contiguous floor plates.

Construction has fallen slightly behind the project's originally anticipated schedule. At the time of its groundbreaking, the building was on pace to open sometime in 2021.

Rendered view looking northwest from Long Beach BoulevardStudio One Eleven

Laserfiche, a privately owned software company, will occupy four buildings in Long Beach at the project's completion. The company expects to double its workforce from 300 to 600 by the year 2025.