Toy manufacturer Mattel, Inc. has taken the next step towards a potential expansion of its El Segundo headquarters, with the release of a draft environmental impact report for the project.

As first reported this past February, the 12.5-acre campus at Continental Boulevard in Grand Avenue could see approximately 445,000 square feet of new development in the future.  A full buildout of the plan would involve up to two new office buildings on the property, as well as associated parking facilities.

A conceptual design from Salas O'Brien is highlighted by a new tower located immediately north of the existing headquarters building.  The requested entitlements would allow a building of up to 14 stories and 200 feet in height, with 328,000 square feet of space for offices, design and development.

At the southwest corner of the property, an existing two story structure would be demolished to make way for a larger six-story edifice, featuring up to 174,000 square feet of offices.

Parking for the two buildings would be provided in an adjoining 465-car surface lot, as well as an eight-level standalone garage with more than 1,000 vehicle spaces.

According to the draft environmental impact report, the expansion would occur in two phases.  The proposed 14-story tower and parking structure would be built over the course of 15 to 19 months, potentially between 2020 and 2022.  The second phase of construction - the six-story office building - would begin immediately afterwards, with completion at the end of 2023.  However, a representative of Mattel stated in February that there are no imminent plans to build the project.