Landscape and architecture firm Rios Clementi Hale Studios has unveiled renderings for the planned expansion of Santa Monica's Airport Park.

The project, which will add 12 acres of green space at the corner of Bundy Drive and Airport Avenue, was made possible due to the expiration of a 30-year agreement between the City of Santa Monica and the Federal Aviation Administration to provide aircraft parking at the southeast corner of the airport.  The expansion will quadruple the total size of the park, which currently spans four acres.

RCH Studios designed the project to include amenities including new sports fields, a multipurpose great field, a jogging track, a community garden, and an elevated berm to view airplanes take-offs and landings.  According to the RCH Studios website, the park's landscape design is inspired by its industrial surroundings, with open sight lines and a limited material pallet.

The park expansion is led by the nonprofit organization Airport2Park, which hopes to one day transform the entire 227-acre airport to park space.  That vision could be made reality after 2028, when the airport is scheduled to be closed and "returned to the residents of Santa Monica."