Plans posted by the P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Council have unveiled renderings for the newly-upsized development slated to replace a mostly-vacant lot in Carthay.

The Amoroso Group of Companies, which in 2017 received entitlements to construct a seven-story apartment complex at 1056 S. La Cienega Boulevard, refiled plans for a slightly larger development earlier this month with the City of Los Angeles.  While the proposed development originally would have featured 90 apartments - including eight very low-income affordable units - the revised project calls for 114 residential units, with 12 set aside at priced at the extremely low-income affordability level.

The difference between the two projects can be explained by the Transit Oriented Communities Guidelines, which came into effect in late 2017, after the Amoroso Companies had already initiated entitlements at 1056 La Cienega.  While the original project sought increases in height and density through the state-mandated density bonus law, the new proposal makes use of the more generous incentives offered by the TOC guidelines.

KFA Architecture has made tweaks to its designs for the apartment complex, accounting for the increased unit count with additional mass along the southern property line.  The new design maintains the Spanish Colonial Revival architecture of the original.

In upsizing their project through the TOC guidelines, the Amoroso Companies find themselves in good company.  Others firms that have recently done the same include Zackary Brothers and California Landmark Group.