Six-year-old plans to build homes on a series of vacant hillside lots in Mount Washington are finally moving forward, with the publication of a new environmental report by the City of Los Angeles.

The proposed project, slated for sites at 457-467 W. Del Norte Street, would rise approximately a half-mile northwest of Metro's Heritage Square Station. Plans call for the construction of four single-family dwellings, all approximately 2,100 square feet in size.

City records list local architecture firm Mutuo as the applicant and designer for the project, which would consist of three-story structures, each featuring a two-car garage on its first level.

457-467 West Del Norte StreetGoogle Maps

"The four hillside homes have a discrete presence on the street," reads a narrative from the firm's website. "A landscaped path leads down from the carport to the main access halfway down the hill. The roof is a continuous folded surface, fragmented into four different volumes. The homes establish a dialogue with the hill adapting to the existing topography through their volumetry and integrating vegetation into the design of the façade."

Construction of the project will require a Zoning Administrator's approval for each of the four homes. A timeline is not included in project's initial study.

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