A staff presentation to the Pasadena Design Commission unveils new renderings for the proposed revamp of a former Bank of America office building at 101 S. Marengo Avenue.

The five-story structure, built in the mid-1970s by developer McCaslin-Lloyd Investment Co., served as a credit card processing facility for Bank of America until 2018.  The windowless structure is surrounded on all sides for hardscaped plaza, and sits atop a parking garage with capacity for more than 500 vehicles.

Atlas Capital Group, which purchased property for $72 million earlier this year, is seeking to renovate the monolithic structure as approximately 315,000 square feet of offices for rent.

Los Angeles-based architecture firm Rios has been tapped to design the project, which calls for carving new windows into the exterior walls, and adding a central courtyard to provide natural lighting to its interior.  The courtyard would work in concert with support columns suspending the building above its first floor to allow for natural ventilation of the offices.

Plans also call for adding new landscaping to the exterior plazas which wrap around 101 Marengo.

New York-based Atlas Capital Group has previously renovated historic buildings in Downtown Los Angeles, and is behind plans for a 725-unit apartment complex in Chinatown.