Four years ago, the City of Los Angeles introduced a series of temporary streetscape improvements to the Broadway Theater District in Downtown, part of Councilmember Jose Huizar's longtime effort to restore what was once one of the region's premier shopping destinations.  The Broadway Streetscape Dress Rehearsal opened in 2014 by reclaiming automobile travel lanes for use by pedestrians and businesses.

Now, according to a motion introduced last week by Huizar, the city has secured funding to design and implement more permanent improvements at multiple segments of the project area, which spans between 1st and 12th Streets. Project elements will include:

  • Widened sidewalks and curb extensions;
  • Enhanced crosswalks;
  • A reduction in traffic lanes;
  • 24-hour parking; and
  • Loading and valet areas to support merchants.

The temporary solutions currently in place block have widened the area usable to pedestrians and businesses by painting former parking and travel lanes, then blocking them off from traffic with planters or other installations.  The permanent improvements will have a similar footprint and also allow for an interface with a future streetcar system that is planned along Broadway.

Huizar's motion, which has been referred to the Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee, calls upon the Departments of Public Works and Transportation to report on plan implementation, including required civil engineering, landscaping, street lighting, stormwater elements, and maintenance needs.

A number of Downtown corridors have recently undergone similar mobility and beautification programs, including Figueroa and Los Angeles Streets.  An additional project is slated to transform segments of 7th Street.