The Glendale City Council has signed off on a $7.3-million plan to convert Artsakh Avenue into a shared street, reports the Glendale News-Press.

Artsakh Avenue, which spans two blocks between Wilson and Harvard Avenues, was part of Maryland Avenue until last year, when it was officially renamed in honor of the disputed territory of Artsakh.  Glendale officials have envisioned the corridor as the centerpiece of a new arts and entertainment district for the city's downtown neighborhood.

Plans approved last week by the City Council remove one lane of automobile traffic along Artsakh, converting it to a one-way shared street.  The reclaimed space will be used to extend sidewalks and pedestrian plazas, providing space for outdoor seating, landscaping, and art displays.

The project, which is designed by Studio One Eleven, could be expanded at a later date.

City officials also considered an alternate plan for Artsakh Avenue in which the street would have closed to traffic through the creation of two mid-block plazas.  However, the News-Press reports that business owners along the street preferred the shared-street alternative.

Following the completion of further design work, construction of the shared street is expected to be completed by Spring 2021.