This week, the Long Beach Planning Commission will consider a proposal from Habitat for Humanity Los Angeles to construct new homes on a vacant lot at the corner of 14th Street and Pacific Avenue.

The strip of land, which is currently under the ownership of the Long Beach Community Investment Company, was cleared of development between 2006 and 2009 to facilitate the construction of an affordable housing project.  However, the demise of the state redevelopment agencies stripped funding for that project, leaving the site vacant to this day.

Habitat for Humanity proposes to merge the five existing lots into a single property, which would be subdivided into ten residential units to be sold individually.  Plans call for two duplexes and single building with attached townhomes.  Each of the two-story, 1,240-square-foot Craftsman style homes would include a private front yard and a two-car garage, and the entire site would share 1,500 square feet of common open space and three guest parking spaces.

A staff report recommends that the Planning Commission should approve the project's Tentative Tract Map, noting that the proposal is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood and will provide high-quality new homes for low- and moderate-income families.