Two permanent supportive housing projects funded through the Proposition HHH Innovation Challenge are poised to begin construction in early 2022.

Rendering of McDaniel House in Harvard HeightsStudio One Eleven

In Harvard Heights, co-developers Daylight Community Development and Decro Corp. have secured entitlements for the construction of McDaniel House, a new project which replaces a pair of single-family homes located at 1043-1049 Harvard Boulevard. Plans call for a four-story edifice - composed of prefabricated modular units - containing 47 apartments for unhoused seniors as well as a 1,888-square-foot amenity space.

Studio One Eleven designed the building, which scales down toward adjacent single-level structures, and uses open stairs to maintain usable floor area for housing. Open spaces will include a rear yard, a courtyard, and a rooftop garden.

The project is named in honor of the famous Black actress Hattie McDaniel, who successfully fought to reverse restrictive housing covenants in the neighboring West Adams community.

Rendering of Oatsie's Place on Sherman Way in Van NuysStudio One Eleven

The second project, named Oatsie's Place, is also being developed by Daylight and Decro, in partnership with the Downtown Women's Center. The proposed four-story edifice at 16015 W. Sherman Way in Van Nuys is expected to include 46 apartments - all reserved for formerly homeless persons and survivors of domestic violence.

Studio One Eleven's design for the building, which once again employs prefabricated modular units, screens a rooftop amenity deck and courtyard to give residences privacy.

The building is named for activist and journalist Marylouise Oates, who helped the Downtown Women’s Center raise funds for housing.

Unit layout at Oatsie's PlaceStudio One Eleven

Both projects, which will be built by general contractor Howard CDM, are scheduled for completion in early 2023.

Oatsie's Place and McDaniel House follow two other projects now being built by Decro and Daylight - Watts Works and the Vanowen Apartment - which also make use of modular u its.

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