Two years ago, Metro's Board of Directors set a goal building at least 10,000 homes on agency-owned land - roughly half of which would be set aside for lower-income households. Now, in conjunction with a report on the use of Metro properties for shelter facilities and safe parking, the transportation agency is finally taking inventory of what sites it might like to see redeveloped.

In a report scheduled for review at the March 16 meeting of the Board's Executive Management Committee, Metro staff have outlined 17 properties which may serve as future joint development sites. They include:

1619 17th Street

1619 17th StreetGoogle Maps

An approximately 182,000-square-foot park-and-ride facility serving the E Line's 17th Street/SMC Station in Santa Monica, which could be up for development by 2027

10305 Grandee Avenue

10305 Grandee AvenueGoogle Maps

A nearly 160,000-square-foot park-and-ride lot serving the A Line's 103rd Street/Watts Towers Station, which is targeted for a joint development by 2028 (not to be confused with a Metro-owned property up for development on the opposite side of the station)

1940 Century Park East

1940 Century Park EastGoogle Maps

A roughly 30,000-square-foot lot on the eastern perimeter of Century City, which has been used for the construction of the adjacent subway stop on the Purple Line extension. This site could also be available by 2028.

5601 W Century Boulevard

5601 W Century BoulevardGoogle Maps

A more than 83,000-square-foot site which was used in the construction of the K Line's as-yet unopened Aviation/Century Station, which would be ready for development in 2028

1113 W Temple Street

1113 Temple StreetGoogle Maps

A 57,000-square-foot bus layover facility located near the four-level interchange in Downtown, which is targeted for joint development by 2028

6127 Sepulveda Boulevard

6127 Sepulveda BoulevardGoogle Maps

A more than 550,000-square-foot park-and-ride facility serving the G Line busway's Sepulveda Station in Van Nuys, which could be up for redevelopment in 2027

711 S La Brea Avenue

711 S La Brea AvenueGoogle Maps

A 115,000-square-foot site that has been used in the construction of the D Line's Wilshire/La Brea Station, and is expected to be available by 2026

6620 Canoga Avenue

6620 Canoga AvenueGoogle Maps

A 60,000-square-foot site which provides bus charging and parking for the G Line's Canoga Park Station, and is expected to be available by 2027

1119 E Redondo Boulevard

1119 E Redondo BoulevardGoogle Maps

A new park-and-ride facility for the K Line's Fairview Heights Station in Inglewood, which could be available by 2026

16851 Victory Boulevard

16851 Victory BoulevardGoogle Maps

A more than 500,000-square-foot park-and-ride lot serving the G Line's Balboa/Victory Station, which is targeted for a joint development in 2026

1720 E Florence Avenue

1720 E Florence AvenueGoogle Maps

A nearly 75,000-square-foot park-and-ride facility for the A Line's Florence Station, which is targeted for redevelopment in 2026

Heritage Square Station

Heritage Square StationGoogle Maps

The station's 80,000-square-foot park-and-ride lot in Cypress Park could be up for development by 2026

675 Crenshaw Boulevard

675 S Crenshaw BoulevardGoogle Maps

A staging site for the Purple Line extension, the roughly 60,000-square-foot Hancock Park property could be available for redevelopment in 2026

Artesia Station

Artesia StationGoogle Maps

The A Line's Artesia Station's park-and-ride and bus layover area, spanning 87,000 square feet, could also be available for development in 2026

Pickle Works

Pickle Works siteGoogle Maps

Originally targeted for preservation, the 88,000-square-foot site at 1001 E. 1st Street that was once home to Pickle Works is now being used for the expansion of the Division 20 rail yard, and could be up for redevelopment in 2028

3906 Willowcrest Avenue North

Universal City/Studio City Station and park-and-ride facilityMetro

Perhaps the biggest prize on this list is more than 470,000-square-foot park-and-ride facility attached to the B Line's Universal City/Studio City station - although any future development will require the cooperation of NBCUniversal

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