At this week's meeting of Metro's Board of Directors, Los Angeles Mayor and current Chair Eric Garcetti will unveil the roster of his heretofore mysterious "28 by 28" initiative, which proposes the completion of 28 transportation projects before the start of the 2028 Summer Olympics.

Of the 28 items on the draft list, 16 are either Measure R or Measure M projects which were already scheduled for completion during or prior to 2028:  Those projects, and their expected opening dates, are as follows:

  • Crenshaw/LAX Line: The $2-billion, the 8.5-mile light rail line is now under construction between the Green and Expo Lines.  Completion is expected in 2019.
  • Regional Connector: The 1.9-mile tunnel through Downtown Los Angeles will merge the Gold Line's East L.A. and Pasadena branches with the Blue and Expo Lines.  Completion of the $1.8-billion project is scheduled to occur in 2021.
  • New BRT Corridors (Phase I): Although the original phase one of the proposed Countywide bus rapid transit plan eventually evolved into Measure M projects - the North Hollywood - Pasadena and Vermont lines specifically - the study also identified several other corridors that could be suitable for enhanced bus service.  These include Hawthorne, Valley and Atlantic Boulevards, although it is unclear if these are corridors under consideration in the 28 by 28 plan.  Service would begin in 2022.
  • North Hollywood - Pasadena BRT: Metro is considering options for bus rapid transit on the 16-mile corridor between the Gold Line in Pasadena and the Red Line terminus in North Hollywood.  Measure M dedicates $267 million for the project, which is scheduled to break ground in 2020 and open by 2022.
  • Airport Metro Connector Station: Metro will construct a $600-million infill station on the Crenshaw/LAX Line to connect with the regional bus network, LAX's new consolidated rental car facility and an automated people mover with service to the central terminal area. Completion is expected in 2023.
  • I-5 North County Capacity Enhancements - 2023
  • North San Fernando Valley BRT: A $180-million bus rapid transit line through the North Valley is planned as part of Measure M.  The project, intended to serve Cal State Northridge, would likely run east-to-west down Nordhoff Street.  Completion is scheduled for 2023.
  • Gold Line Foothill Extension to Claremont: Construction will begin next month for the second phase of the Foothill Gold Line Extension, which will extend rail service 11 miles east from Azusa to the Claremont, and potentially to Montclair should San Bernardino County be willing to foot the bill.  The anticipated opening date is 2025. - 2025
  • LA River Waterway & System Bike Path: The missing link on the LA River bike path through Downtown is scheduled for completion in 2025.
  • LA River Bike Path and Mobility Hub - San Fernando Valley: LA River bike path improvements in the San Fernando Valley are also scheduled for completion in 2025.
  • Orange Line Travel Time and Safety Improvements: To speed travel times on the workhouse Orange Line busway, Metro has proposed constructing a one-mile bridge between Sepulveda and Van Nuys Boulevard and 34 gated crossings
    between North Hollywood and Chatsworth.  The $286-million project is scheduled to open in 2025.
  • Purple Line Extension Section 2: The second segment of the Purple Line extension - between La Cienega Boulevard and Century City - is expected to open in 2025.
  • Purple Line Extension Section 3: The third and final phase of the Purple Line extension - spanning between Century City and the VA Campus in Westwood - is scheduled to begin service in 2026
  • Sepulveda Pass ExpressLanes: Metro plans to convert the 405 Freeway's carpool lanes to tolled express lanes, similar to those on the 10 and 110 Freeways.  Completion of the process is scheduled to occur in 2026.  This is one of several projects that could be accelerated through public-private partnerships.
  • East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor: The project calls for bringing high capacity transit to a 9.2-mile corridor between the Sylmar Metrolink Station and the Van Nuys Orange Line Station.  Various forms of light rail and bus rapid transit are under consideration, with the project carrying an estimated budget of $1.3 billion.  An opening date is expected in 2027.
  • Vermont Transit Corridor: Vermont Avenue - already the second most traveled bus corridor in L.A. county - is slated for bus rapid transit under the Measure M expenditure plan.  Metro would build either median-running or curb-running service along 12.4 miles between Gardena and Los Feliz, with service expected to begin by 2028.

The remaining 12 items are either Measure M projects that would be placed an accelerated timeline, or new projects altogether.

  • MicroTransit: Metro hopes to introduce on-demand service through small vehicles - similar to Uber and Lyft - by the year 2019
  • I-105 ExpressLanes - Existing carpool lanes would be converted to tolled ExpressLanes, similar to those on the 110 and 10 Freeways.  Completion would be expected by 2027.
  • I-710 South Corridor Early Action: Metro is considering expanding the number of general purpose travel lanes on the freeway or adding dedicated lanes for freight trucks.  Although currently scheduled for completion in 2032, the timeline would be accelerated to 2027.
  • South Bay Light Rail Extension: Measure M dedicated $619 million for extending the Green and Crenshaw/LAX Lines 4.6 miles south to Torrance, either via the Harbor Subdivision or Hawthorne Boulevard.  The current completion date of 2030 would be moved up to 2027 under the initiative.
  • Blue Line Signal and Washington/Flower Junction Improvements:  Metro hopes to improve quality of service on its busiest light rail line by grade separating the troubled Washington/Flower wye, where the Blue and Expo Lines merge into a shared section of track into Downtown Los Angeles.  This could include substantial grade separation between Washington Boulevard and Pico Station.  These improvements are given a 2028 completion date.
  • I-10 ExpressLanes I-605 to San Bernardino Line: The existing I-10 ExpressLanes would be extended to the San Bernardino county line.  The current completion date of 2030 would be rescheduled for 2028.
  • SR-57/60 Interchange Improvements: Completion of an existing project to improve the busy interchange would be accelerated from 2031 to 2028.
  • Sepulveda Transit Corridor: The first phase of the proposed rail line between the Van Nuys Orange Line Station and Los Angeles International Airport would see its completion date moved from 2033 to 2028.  The initial segment would operate between the Orange Line and the Purple Line's Wilshire/Westwood Station.  The Sepulveda Pass project is one of several projects that may be accelerated through a public-private partnership.
  • Gold Line Eastside Extension to Whittier or South El Monte: As part of Measure M, two extensions of the Gold Line's Eastside branch are planned to South El Monte and Whittier.  One of the two alternatives could see its completion date accelerated from 2035 to 2028.
  • West Santa Ana Branch: An initial segment of the 20-mile light rail line - running between the Green Line and the City of Artesia - is expected to be built between 2022 and 2028.  The second phase, between the Green Line and Union Station, was previously scheduled to open in 2041.  The 28 by 28 proposal envisions the entire corridor completed in one phase by 2028.  This project also may be accelerated through a public-private partnership.
  • I-405 South Bay Curve Improvements: Metro plans new auxiliary lanes to improve traffic flow at on- and off-ramps.  Completion would be accelerated from 2047 to 2028.

Additional details about the plan are thus far unavailable.  Enacting the 28 by 28 proposal as official policy will require action by Metro's Board of Directors.