Eight months and six public meetings later, the draft San Pedro waterfront connectivity plan has hit the streets.

In January, the Port of Los Angeles announced that it had hired landscape architecture firm SWA Group to develop the plan, which aims to better connect the waterfront with neighboring Downtown San Pedro. Among other issues, the makes recommendations on including pedestrian and vehicular circulation, public transportation, and open space.

Los Angeles - San Pedro Waterfront Connectivity Plan project areaSWA Group

“The Port of Los Angeles has made significant investments over the last two decades focused on deindustrializing the LA Waterfront and transforming it into a visitor and recreational destination,” said Port Director of Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate Mike Galvin in a news release. “Community input has been a critical component throughout the process. As we release this draft Connectivity Plan, we encourage the public to continue to weigh in as we finalize its development.”

The study area encompasses approximately 460 acres of land, and eight miles of waterfront property. Since 2015, the Port of Los Angeles has spent approximately $234 million on infrastructure improvements in this area - including new open space and a waterfront promenade.

Some of the recommended projects, divided by category, is as follows:


  • Harbor Boulevard - SP Slip to 22nd Street: extend completed Harbor Boulevard and 7th Street Intersection improvement project to 22nd Street;
  • 22nd Street Complete Street Improvements: adding wider sidewalks, bike lanes, transit stops, shade, and wayfinding features;
  • Signal Street improvements: add new curb, gutter, lighting, and fiber network, relocated overhead power, to better connect AltaSea, Warehouse 1, and the West Harbor; and
  • Via Cabrillo - Marina & Shoshonean Road intersection traffic circle.


  • 22nd Street surface lot expansion to add 500-to-600 new stalls;
  • Inner Harbor Cruise Ship Terminal Parking Structure(s); and
  • Bluff Parking structures; new multi-level garages below the bluff between Miner Street and Harbor Boulevard from 9th Street to 13th Street.

Rendering of transit hub at 7th and PacificSWA Group


  • 7th Street & Pacific Avenue transit hub: add new wayfinding features, crosswalk art, and transit amenities at the confluence of multiple bus lines;
  • Regional Hub: upgrade the existing Harbor Beacon Park & Ride lot with micromobility charging and rental stations, wayfinding signage, and bicycle and pedestrian links to the waterfront;
  • San Pedro Trolley: establish stronger branding, station amenities, more regular service, and connections to intermodal hubs, event destinations, and Wilmington;
  • Historic trolley attraction: implement a restored trolley car along the right-of-way to the west of Harbor between the West harbor and 22nd and Miner Streets, with three stops;
  • Water taxis: establish a water taxi service with stops at the West Harbor, Downtown Harbor, Banning's Landing in Wilmington, Cabrillo Beach, and 22nd Street Landing/Cabrillo Way Marina. Additional stops would be served during events, and an extension to Long Beach could be created in the future.

Rendering of proposed SP slip promenadeSWA Group


  • Waterfront Promenade: complete the ongoing phase two of the San Pedro Waterfront Promenade;
  • Curb extensions, bollards, bike lanes, wayfinding signage, and other upgrades at 1st/Harbor, 5th/Harbor, 6th/Harbor, and 7th/Harbor;
  • Promenade at S.P. Slip - a .2-mile promenade which would connect the West Harbor with AltaSea and 22nd Street;
  • Downslope Trail near Bloch Field: add an accessible path between Miner Street and Harbor Boulevard;
  • Crescent Avenue Connection to 22nd Street Park;
  • Main Channel Promenade at AltaSea: implement a new promenade with pedestrian amenities along the water's edge facing the main channel, connecting to the S.P. Slip Promenade; and
  • Bluff Linkages with Bridge Connector for 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th Streets: allowing pedestrians to cross from the bluffs to Harbor Boulevard through proposed parking garage.

Rails to Trails project east of MinerSWA Group


  • Harbor Boulevard bike path lane relocation: remove existing Class II lanes to create dedicated path within rail right-of-way;
  • Crescent Avenue & Miner Street Bikeway: create Class IV bikeway on Miner, add new markings at Crescent/Miner intersection;
  • 22nd Street Class IV Bikeway: extend existing bike lanes and upgrade to Class IV;
  • Rails to Trails: convert portion of rail right-of-way into shared use path adjacent to proposed trolley attraction; and
  • Pacific Avenue Bikeway: create a Class IV bikeway along Pacific Avenue.

Proposed gateway entrance at Harbor and SwinfordSWA Group

Open Space

  • Harbor Boulevard Parkway Improvements: complete ongoing 15,600-square-foot park project on Harbor between 1st and 3rd Streets;
  • Interstate 110 Harbor Approach Beautification: create a multi-use pathway with space for cyclists, add welcome signage;
  • 22nd Street Open Space at the East Channel/AltaSea: convert vacant space south of 22nd Street into a plaza with waterfront seating and amenities;
  • Micromobility Hubs at Downtown Harbor, 22nd & Miner, Cabrillo Beach;
  • Warehouse 1 Site Enhancements: add new open space in conjunction with redevelopment of Warehouse 1.


  • 22nd Street Sculpture Park: add new installations within 22nd Street Park; and
  • Waterfront Gateway Art installations at 22nd Street, Harbor Boulevard and the Freeway, and 6th Street.

Other recommendations include projects which would improve access to recreational boating and wayfinding signage.

The Port of Los Angeles has an estimated $62.5 million in funds through its public access investment plan over the coming five years. Due to the number of recommended projects, as well as their price tags, completion is expected to occur over multiple phases, with some items not slated for completion until more than 10 years into the future.

Priority projects slated for completion in the first year, largely due to proximity to the West Harbor development, include upgrades to Harbor Boulevard (including the relocation of its bike lane) and Crescent Avenue and Miner Street bikeway. After that point, the focus would shift toward projects in other areas, including the 22nd Street complete streets project, the 7th & Pacific transit hub, and the proposed promenade at the S.P. Slip.

The draft plan, including the above recommended projects, is to be presented to the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners on September 7 for feedback. Another community meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 28 for additional outreach and input.

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