An official project website provides a first glimpse at the more modest plan for Angels Landing, the proposed high-rise complex slated for the coveted Bunker Hill Y-1 parcel.

The project, which would rise at the northwest corner of 4th and Hill Streets, is envisioned with two towers - standing 64 and 46 stories - featuring:

  • 180 condominiums;
  • 261 rental housing units;
  • SLS and Mondrian hotels featuring 509 guest rooms;
  • 36,000 square feet of commercial space; 
  • 39,000 square feet of space for an elementary school; 
  • 57,000 square feet of public open space; and
  • 750 parking stalls in seven subterranean levels.

The towers, designed by Handel Architects, would rise to heights of 852 and 542 feet above ground level.  Though the larger of the two buildings would be amongst the tallest in Los Angeles, it nonetheless falls short of a prior design iteration, which had called for a larger 1,020-foot-tall structure.

The project, valued at approximately $1.2-billion, is being developed by Angels Landing Partners - a team of MacFarlane Partners, the Peebles Corporation, and Claridge Properties, which beat out three rival proposals during a city-led competition in 2017.

Per an initial study released for the project, construction may not be completed until as late as 2028.