Earlier this week, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to approve Hudson Pacific Properties' (HPP) planned office tower on Sunset Boulevard.

The proposed development, slated for a parking lot catacorner to Sunset Bronson Studios (SBS), would consist of a 15-story building which would feature 274,000 square feet of commercial office space over 26,000 square feet of ground-level shops and restaurants.  Earlier plans had called for a slightly taller 18-story structure with additional levels of above-grade parking.

The tower, designed by the global architecture firm Gensler, would feature a cascading series of terrace levels which face the residential district to the north of the property.  Planned exterior materials include concrete, wood and metal panels.

Construction of the tower could begin in early 2017.

The project can be considered HPP's a follow-up to a similar tower by Hudson Pacific Propertieson the SBS campus which will become the regional headquarters of Netflix.  Another nearby property is home to the Sunset Gordon tower, which remains vacant due to ongoing lawsuits over the project's approvals.