A property owner's proposal to convert a 1990s apartment building in West Los Angeles into a hotel is facing opposition from a tenants' rights organization.

In August, property owner and project applicant Farzin Halavy received approvals from the City of Los Angeles to convert the four-story, 30-unit apartment complex at 1936 Westwood Boulevard into a 30-room hotel.  No changes to the building's ground-floor retail space or basement parking garage are proposed as part of the development.

City records indicate that The Albert Group Architects is designing the project, which would calls for largely retaining the building's current appearance.

While the proposal has received the approval of the City's zoning administrator, that decision is now facing an appeal to the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission.

The appellants - listed as representatives of the Westside Local chapter of the Los Angeles Tenants Union - argue that the project has not met the findings required for a condition user permit for a hotel at the property, and argue that the zoning administrator's approval should be overturned.

The appellants contend that a hotel at the property in lieu of housing conflicts with the West Los Angeles community plan, and note that the impacts of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry have already forced the closure of many such businesses.

The appeal also cites opposition from the Westside Neighborhood Council, as well as two homeowners associations in the surrounding area.

A hearing is scheduled for November 4.  A staff recommendation has not been submitted to the Planning Commission.