Nearly two years after we last stopped by, construction is coming to a close at the southwest corner of 8th and Berendo Streets, where Jamison Services is developing its latest Koreatown apartment complex.

View of 3100 W 8th Street looking southwestDaryoush Safai

The mixed-use development, which replaced a surface parking lot at 3100 W. 8th Street, consists of a seven-story building featuring 98 residential units above 3,500 square feet of ground-floor retail and a parking garage.  A U-shaped footprint above the second floor would wrap around an elevated courtyard.

Architect Daryoush Safai designed the project development, which was depict in renderings as a boxy podium-type building painted black, grey, and white.  The building's real life appearance is similar in form, but swaps out grey and black for teal and brown.

The project, which broke ground in 2017, is one of more than a half-dozen mixed-use and multifamily residential buildings in development along the 8th Street corridor, including The Rise Koreatown and The Harper apartments.

3100 W. 8th StreetGoogle Maps

Jamison Services is also among the firms developing projects along the corridor, breaking ground earlier this year on a larger 152-unit complex at 8th and Serrano Avenue.