The Los Angeles City Council has signed off on a $17.5-million plan to bring streetscape and safety improvements to a 2.2-mile stretch of Avalon Boulevard.

The complete streets project, which would span between 51st Street in the north and Manchester Avenue in the south, calls for repairing damaged streets and sidewalks, while also upgrading curbs and ramps to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Additionally, the City will implement an array of sustainability and Vision Zero improvements, including:

  • curb extensions;
  • pedestrian islands;
  • bus boarding islands;
  • bioswales;
  • new street trees;
  • drywells; and
  • permeable pavement.

Additionally, plans call for restriping 6.4 miles of Avalon Boulevard between Jefferson Boulevard in the north and 120th Street in the south to accommodate dedicated left turn lanes and protected or buffered bike lanes.  This will require the removal of one automobile travel lane in each direction.

The priority project area encompasses a 2.2-mile segment of Avalon Boulevard that is in the greatest need of street reconstruction, according to a staff report jointly submitted to the City Council by the Department of Transportation, the Bureau of Sanitation, the Bureau of Street Services, and the Bureau of Engineering.  The proposed improvements are expected to reduce severe injuries on the 2.2-mile corridor by 50 percent.

Targeted improvements to the north of 51st Street and to the south of Manchester Avenue are to be implemented through other capital maintenance programs managed by the Department of Transportation, the Bureau of Street Services, and the Bureau of Sanitation.

According to the staff report, a final design for the project is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months.  Construction would begin 4 to 6 months afterward, and be completed in approximately 18 months.