After six years and at least four design iterations, Champion Real Estate Company has received the go-ahead for the construction of a mixed-use high-rise development near the Capitol Records Building in Hollywood.

The proposed development, which was approved on December 8 by the Los Angeles City Council, calls for razing a 1950s apartment complex at the southeast corner of Yucca and Argyle Avenue to make way for a new 30-story building containing 269 apartments, 7,700 square feet of ground-floor commercial space, and a 414-car garage.

The tower, designed by Togawa Smith Martin, is envisioned as a contemporary glass-clad tower rising approximately 348 feet in height.  Plans call for a series of cantilevered balconies facing the northern and western property lines, with a large amenity deck located above the tower's parking podium.

The project has undergone multiple design revisions since Champion's first filing with the Planning Department in 2014, beginning as a 21-story building, then later expanding to a taller, slimmer 32-story structure.  A third revision announced in 2017 cut the building's height to 20 stories, while also adding a hotel to the project. 

More modest tweaks to the final design restored the taller height profile, while cutting the proposed hotel and adding a new landscaped plaza at the corner of Yucca Street and Vista del Mar Avenue.

The vote by the City Council once again rejects three appeals continued from a prior hearing before the Los Angeles City Planning Commission - including one brought the Los Angeles Tenants Union.

The Tenants Union, which has worked with residents of the existing apartment building, has fought to codify a condition of approval guaranteeing the right of return for current residents at the same rent they pay today, plus increases as allowed under the City's rent stabilization ordinance.  Additionally, Champion will be required to pay the difference in rent for returning tenants at a comparable unit for the duration of construction.

Champion Real Estate has also agreed to subject 252 of the apartments in the new development to the rent stabilization ordinance - limiting rent increases for the duration of a tenant's residency.  The remaining 17 apartments are to be set aside as deed-restricted affordable housing at the very low-income level.

The 6220 Yucca tower follows several recent high-rise buildings near the Hollywood/Vine Metro station, including the Kimpton Everly hotel and the Argyle House apartments.  The proposed Hollywood Center development could also lead to the construction of several large towers on parking lots flanking the Capitol Records Building, although the California Geological Survey has continued to raise concerns about the possibility of earthquake fault lines running beneath the properties.