Los Angeles County is taking steps to develop a large, empty property near Union Station with interim and affordable housing.

Earlier today, the Board of Supervisors approved a motion from Supervisor Hilda Solis regarding 1060 N. Vignes Street - an approximately four-acre site located in Chinatown.

"The County should explore potential short-term and long-term housing solutions that could be developed at 1060 North Vignes Street," writes Solis.  "The utilization of County-owned property plays an important role in addressing the severe shortage of interim as well as affordable housing in the County."

Solis' motion, which was approved in a unanimous vote, directs County departments to report back to the Board within 90 days with recommendations for the development of 1060 N. Vignes Street.  The report is to include an implementation schedule, a cost evaluation, and a review of available funding streams.

The 1060 N. Vignes Street property is available for development as the result of the County cancelling plans to replace Men's Central Jail with a new facility focused on mental health needs.  The vacant lot was one of two sites considered for a new parking garage to serve the jail.

The other site, located near the intersection of Spring and Alpine Streets, is also being considered for an affordable or supportive housing development.

Other large projects in development near Union Station and Chinatown include College Station - slated for a vacant lot on North Spring Street - and a 318-unit apartment complex now rising on North Main Street.

Construction also began earlier this year for a large data center adjacent to the Union Station Terminal Annex.

Los Angeles County has recently taken steps to activate several of its other underutilized properties for affordable and supportive housing developments, including the parking lot of Bob Hope Patriotic Hall.

According to the most recent homeless count, there are over 12,000 unsheltered persons living in the service planning area that includes Downtown Los Angeles.

"Homelessness continues to be the defining moral issue of our time," said Solis in a statement.  "I look forward to seeing the recommendations from our County Departments to bring this property into our fight to make sure every LA County resident has a safe and warm place to sleep at night.”