As part of Los Angeles County's larger effort to combat homelessness, the Department of Regional Planning has recommended that the Board of Supervisors take steps towards facilitating the construction of accessory dwelling units in unincorporated communities.

The report, first spotted by Henry Fung, argues for the adoption of a pilot program that would streamline permitting, provide technical assistance to homeowners and provide incentives for preserving and constructing so-called granny flats to house homeless families and individuals.

The program, which would be completed within 18 monthss of Board approval, has four major components:

  1. ADU Ordinance: the Department of Regional Planning is updating the County ADU Ordinance to comply with new state laws and streamline approval.
  2. Architectural Competition: The County Arts Commission will partner with the Department of Regional Planning on design competition intended to generate interest in secondary dwelling units.  The top three teams would be awarded $10,000 each.
  3. ADU New Construction: A maximum subsidy of $75,000 per unit would be set aside to construct 2-3 new ADUs.  The subsidy would be contingent on a commitment to rent the ADU to a homeless family or individual.
  4. ADU Preservation: A maximum subsidy of $50,000 per unit would be used to preserve 2-3 existing unpermitted ADUs.

The entire project, if approved, would cost approximately $550,000.