Plans for a small affordable housing development in Willowbrook will move forward with new funding from Los Angeles County.

The proposed development, which comes from local non-profit Restore Neighborhoods LA, calls for the construction of a seven-unit supportive project at 11909 Willowbrook Avenue.  The new construction would rise from a currently-vacant lot owned by Los Angeles County.

On May 12, the County's Board of Supervisors voted to provide $180,000 in gap financing or the project.  They money will come from Condominium Conversion Funds collected by Los Angeles County.

The project is similar in scale to another Restore Neighborhoods LA development, an eight-unit bungalow court, planned in the City of Los Angeles.  That housing complex is also being funded in part by a grant from Los Angeles County.

The Willowbrook Avenue development is expected to be built over approximately three months, starting in September 2020 and concluding in December 2020, according to a staff report given last year to the Board of Supervisors.  The new housing will be subject to a 55-year affordability covenant.

The project site is located one block south of Metro's Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station, which is in the end stages of a $128-million renovation.

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