Affordable housing could replace a small church in Historic South-Central, according to plans submitted yesterday to the City of Los Angeles.

The proposed project, slated for an approximately 12,800-square-foot property at 4219-4227 S. Broadway, calls for the demolition of the existing structure and adjoining parking lot followed by the construction of 87 apartments reserved as low-income affordable housing.

The proposed development would employ density bonus incentives to achieve reductions to required side-yard setbacks and on-site open space, as well as increased floor area and density.  Streamlined permitting via SB 35 has also been requested for the project.

City records list the project applicant as an entity associated with Relevant Group, the prolific Hollywood developer behind several hotel projects near Sunset Boulevard and in Downtown Los Angeles.

Relevant Group has recently branched into affordable housing developments in order to replace the single-room occupancy units contained within the Morrison and Barclay Hotels, both of which are being converted into boutique inns.  The company's other affordable housing projects, which are to be built from prefabricated modular units, are located in Downtown Los Angeles and Westlake.