An application filed earlier this month with the Los Angeles Department of City Planning offers a look at a Measure HHH-funded permanent supportive housing development slated for Reseda.

Courtyard at 18722 Sherman WayAbode Communities

The project, which is being developed by Abode Communities, Mercy Housing, and LA Family Housing, would rise from a property located at 18722 Sherman Way, where it would replace a tire shop and automobile service center.  Plans call for the construction of a four-story edifice that would feature 64 apartments - including 63 studio apartments and one manager's unit - with parking for 10 vehicles.  The apartment complex would also include resident amenities and offices for on-site supportive services.

Abode Communities is also serving as the architect of the project, which would be composed of prefabricated modular units.

"The Project is designed with a holistic approach in mind, to address community needs and the physical context of the immediate neighborhood," reads a design narrative included with the project application.  "It addresses the need to be referential to a commercial corridor – Sherman Way; and a single-family residential street – Rhea Avenue. We have studied and analyzed the main features of the neighborhood architectural style and have chosen a contemporary design style for the upper three floors that fits the area, while creating a place that will contribute to the betterment of the community’s physical environment."

Courtyard at 18722 Sherman WayAbode Communities

Architecture plans show a large setback at the southwest corner of the property, facing Rhea Avenue, which would be used to create a landscaped courtyard for use by residents.  Additional open space is planned on a setback at the eastern property line, while a parking lot is proposed to the south of the building.

The Sherman Way development is one of three projects planned by Abode, Mercy, and LA Family Housing that were awarded $25 million in Measure HHH challenge funding in May 2021.  A city staff report to the Los Angeles City Council indicated that the housing would be restricted to renters earning between 30 and 50 percent of the area median income level.

Roughly $6.6 million in HHH funding has been earmarked for the Sherman Way project, contributing to a total budget of $29.2 million (or approximately $457,000 per unit).

18722 Sherman WayGoogle Maps

Construction is expected to begin in November 2022 and conclude by November 2023.

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