A memo to the California Transportation Commission unearthed by @numble reveals scaled back plans to upgrade the G Line busway in the San Fernando Valley.

The project, approved as part of the Measure M sales tax initiative in 2016, calls for targeted improvements to speed up travel times along the 18-mile corridor. In 2019, that plan involved the construction of 35 gated crossings and overcrossing of both Van Nuys and Sepulveda Boulevard, as well as upgrades to the bike path with parallels the busway.

Rendering of a gated crossingMM/GF

Five years later, with construction costs up - but not the amount of funding available for the project - Metro has cut back its plans to include just 13 gated crossings, with improved signaling in lieu of gates at the remaining 22 intersections. Likewise, the single grade separation has been split into two smaller grade separations at Sepulveda and Van Nuys. Upgrades to the adjoining bikeway have likewise been scaled back through the removal of lighting, bike parking, wayfinding signage, bollards, and other elements at certain locations.

Those upgrades can be had for a cost of $488.1 million - still up from the maximum $393-million project expected in 2019. The reduced scope of the project also reduces the amount of cost savings anticipated from 16 minutes on the end-to-end trip to 12 minutes.

Rendering of a gated crossingMM/GF

Streetsblog reports that the project is on track to commence work in Summer 2024 and open in advance of the 2028 Summer Olympics.

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