Los Angeles-based LaTerra Development intends to construct a mutlifamily residential development in City West, replacing an auto body shop.

The project, revealed earlier today in a filing with the Department of City Planning, calls for the construction of a of a building at 1100 Temple Street featuring 53 residential units.  The proposed design relies on density bonus incentives in exchange for setting aside 4 units as very low income housing.

LaTerra, which also has active projects in Hollywood and Rampart Village, would rise on a sliver of commercial land wrapped by the Edward R. Roybal Learning Center.

Directly across the street, G.H. Palmer Associates is currently seeking approvals to construct an immense podium-type development known as Ferrante, which would feature more than 1,500 apartments and 30,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial space.

Other developers looking west of the Harbor Freeway include the Delijani Family and Lion Real Estate Group.